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Smiley Face Washers Come and Take it Texas Washers
Our Price: $18.50
Our Price: $18.50
Smiley washer game Texas flag washer toss
Top of the line pitching washers. Proudly made in the USA! Our first design. The first washers that rolled off the assembly line were smiley faces. We figured it couldn't hurt. Made in the USA pitching washers. Coated for durability. Built to last.
Texas Tech 3 Hole Boards Texas Aggie Maroon Washers
Our Price: $134.95
Our Price: $20.00
Texas Tech Logo 3 Hole Boards Texas A&M Maroon Washers
LSU Logo 3 Hole Boards. Proudly made in the USA. High quality construction. Built to last. Pricing includes washers from your favorite school! 4-2.5" Maroon Washers with Fightin' Texas Aggie logos. Includes carrying case, rules and scoring diagram.
Scoretower Combo Can of Deer Washer Game "Pit Kit"
Our Price: $44.95
Our Price: $36.99
Washer game
Scoretower Combo Made in the USA washer games. Everything you need to play. Coated for durability. Built to last. Because it's hunting season somewhere.
Here you can find washer game rules, washer tournaments, and of course get Bombat Pitching Washers or browse our Collegiate Washer Games. Whether you are looking for washer boards for tailgating, a unique game for the backyard, or your own custom washers, this is the place to find it! Have a look around and check back soon because we're always introducing new products and designs.

Washers, washoes, Texas horseshoes, holey board and washer toss are but a few of the names for the washers game which is a traditional American backyard game. Whatever you like to call it, it is a fun way to pass time while tailgating, camping or just having friends over for a bar-b-q. The game has been passed down from generation to generation much like a good story. The washer game has changed over the years for this reason and is played in many variations from region to region; from "washer pits" on the beaches and in backyards to washer boards at the tailgate or in your neighbors garage. Since pitching washers are lighter than horseshoes, it can be played by men, women and children; "from 8 to 80" as we like to say.
Our goal at Bombat Washer Co. is to continue to grow the game, whether that be through posting washer tournaments, showing photos of people pitching washers or just selling the highest quality washer games known to mankind. We're here because we think washers rock!