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The washers game is mysterious and sometimes confusing to those that haven't seen the game before. Here we try and help you out by introducing you to everything from "WasherSpeak" to a brief history of the game of washers. Heck we'll even show you how to build your own washer pits and how to properly hold your pitching washers!
Rules of the Game History of the Game Washer Terms Building Washer Pits How To
Washer game rules are found here...
A bit of a background on the game
Get up to speed on the lingo of the game
Build your own pits!
Very basic how to stuff

We know that there are many variations of the game of washers depending upon where you grew up and who taught you to play. We try and cover some of our basics here in this section but they are by no means the only way to play...
All of our Washer games are proudly made in the USA. They are 2.5" round and are packaged 4 per set. The washers are powdercoated for durability and are manufactured to have a consistent thickness and weight.