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What Size are your Washers?
All of our pitching washers are 2.5" outside diameter (measuring edge to edge) with a 1" center hole. This size is typical of 75% of washer players in America.

How many washers are in a set?
There are 4 washers to a set, that is enough for one player or team, if you are just starting you will need 2 sets of washers and cups or boards.

What makes you guys so special?
Well we're glad you asked. All of our washers are:

  • Galvanized finish so they won't rust
  • Manufactured specifically for us giving them consistent thickness and weight
  • Heavier than hardware store washers
  • Powdercoated for durability

Does the paint stay on?

All Bombat Washers are coated for maximum durability, we are confident that we have the most durable washers that you can buy. The "Bombat Advantage" photo on the homepage of this site will give you an example.
Durability is going to depend on the surface you play on; we perform all of our testing on regular backyard dirt and PVC cups. Sand is fairly abrasive so we recommend a soft dirt or a mixture of dirt and clay. We aren't discouraging you from playing on sand, just expect a little faster wear. Typically you will get marks where you get direct washer to washer contact, the important thing is that you will not get "flaking" around that area. This basically means that if you are very good player and have constant washer to washer contact you can expect a little quicker wear. The coating will last even longer if you play on carpeted boards, just try and keep them off of the parking lot asphalt when you're tailgating! :>

How many washers do I need to play?
Washers is a 2 or 4 player game, it's either 1 on 1 or 2 teams of 2 playing each other. If you are buying for someone who has never played the game before, you will need 2 sets of washers. The sets will need to be different designs or colors so that the players can distinguish one team from another. Our Full Game Set "Pit Kits" are a good way to make sure that you have everything.

What are the rules of washers?
There are different rules for the different versions of the game, visit our "Washers 101" section for downloadable rules.

What are "Single" Sets and "Pit Kits"?
A Single set is 4 washers, enough for one player or team. If you are buying for someone who already plays and has pits or boards, that's typically all you will need. A Pit Kit consists of 2 Single Sets, the 2 PVC Cups and rules; everything you need if you are starting from scratch!!! Here is our product page where you can take a look around. Our Universities are pre-packaged in Pit Kits and you can put any 2 designs you like together to make your own Full Game Set!

Do you make Custom Washers?
Of course! Important Note: We cannot duplicate copyrighted designs (NFL,NBA,etc) without the permission of the owner of the design.Here is the link to our custom page. You can contact us at if you are interested in a quote.

What are your shipping options?
All of our washers are currently shipped via USPS Priority Mail, typically it takes 2 to 3 days to reach most of the US once the items have been shipped. We ship within 72 hours barring any backorder issues. You will receive a confirmation email when the product has shipped. We also have an overnight option as well if you're in a big hurry. We will ship out any washers ordered by 10am CST that day with all other express orders being shipped the next business day. Our boards and larger orders are shipped via UPS and are normally shipped within 5 business days of order. We constantly check prices to make sure that our customers are getting the best deal and currently USPS saves the most money. Please notify us if the United States Postal Service does not deliver to your area so we can make other arrangements.

Do you have a store?
We do have a shop where we make our products. However, we do not retail at that location. All of our sales are via this website. If you are in a big hurry you can check the "Buy Local" link for retailers that carry our products. We do promise to get any orders placed on the site out in a timely manner and if you are in the Austin area you are sure to have them in no time.

How do I get in touch with you?
You can email us at or call us (toll free) at 866-266-2281
Our mailing address is:
Bombat Washer Co.
PO Box 9028
Austin, TX 78766

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