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For the true "first timer". Here are a few basic tips on pitching washers that will help you improve your game immediately. One of the keys to being successful at the game of washers is to make sure your washers stay level in flight so that they will land and stay where you intended. The main thing you want to avoid is pitching a "wobbler" because it can go any number of places once it lands.

This is the basic way to hold a washer. You want to wrap your thumb and your forefinger around the edge of the washer. Your middle finger will rest underneath to keep it in place during your pitch. When you pitch you want your arm to move on a straight line toward the washer pit or washer board.

washer pitching releaseTHE RELEASE:
You will want to release the washer around your hip area and make sure that your arm moves in a straight line toward the target. Your forefinger will be the last thing touching the washer during the release.

pitching washer angleBASIC ANGLE APPROACH:
You want to achieve the proper angle of the washer in flight depending on the surface you are using. If you are playing on washer pits that slide a lot you can use a smaller angle (see left) to get the washer to slide towards the cup. If your pits don't slide and on certain washer boards you may want to come in steep to cause the washer to "sit" where it hits, see below for that.

how to hold pitching washersDROP ANGLE APPROACH:
If you play in washer pits that don't slide or on washer boards you want the washer to come in at a steeper angle so that it will "sit" when it hits the target, kind of like a golf shot into a wet green. You can do this by having the washer come in at a steeper angle than normal. This is easy to do using the grip displayed below.

washers gripDROP ANGLE GRIP:
The drop angle grip is similar to the basic grip with one main difference. You will want to take your middle finger and press it into the palm of your hand. This will cause the washer to naturally release at an almost straight up and down angle. We recommend practicing this one a little because it's a little more difficult but will help greatly if you are playing on boards and don't want the washers to bounce off the surface.
These are just a few of the basics to the game of washers. With a little practice you will be pitching ringers in no time! Hope it helps!
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