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We'd like to see how you play the game of washers; wherever you are. In this section you can send us photos of your washer pits at home, your washer boards at the tailgate or your favorite place to play and we'll post 'em for everyone to check out.
Hopefully you can do better than ours!? See details below...

Email photo/s of your pits/boards to

What to send us:

* 4 photo limit
give us your name and where you live (city,state)
a good email contact in case we have questions
tell us a little about your setup (what surface are you playing on? dirt/clay, sand, etc..., do you have lights,stuff like that) 

*we will try and post all submissions, however, if everyone in America were to for some reason log onto our site tomorrow and send us photos, it might take a while. SO... we can't guarantee all photos will appear on You can always contact us at the above email address if you have any questions, Thanks!