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Here we give you the lowdown on some of the terms that are associated with the game of washers. While we understand that different areas may use different terms, we feel these are essential if you have never played the game. After all, we don't want you to feel out of place. Especially if you show up to a match and you're wearing like a speedo and high heels because you will need all the help you can get!

Washer Boards - Game played using some configuration of plywood with holes cut in them. Your typical washer boards are 1 hole slanted, 1 hole flat with backboard or 3 hole board and Washer Boxes . Dimensions of washerboards vary.

Washer Boxes - Game played using 2 -14"x 14" (or 16x 16) open top wood boxes with a 4" cup that stands in the middle. See our photo galleries for some examples. Can sometimes be octagonal.

Bust - A player returns to 11 or 15 when they go over 21 points. You must score exactly 21 or continue to go back to 11 or 15.

Cover - Player A lands a washer in the cup on top of player B's washer.
(typically points will cancel out here, if B had 2 in the cup then B scores 5 points for the ringer)

Cup - The recessed pipe placed in the ground which make up the "targets" for the traditional washer pits version of the game. The cups are 3" diameter PVC and are 3.5" in length, this is just long enough to keep the washers from hopping out of the cup.

Diddle - Pitch that decides who will go first. Player A and B each pitch one washer toward the opposite cup. The player landing closest to the cup pitches first at the start of the game.

Game - A "game" is played when a player or team reaches 21.

Hammer - Player A lands a washer in the cup on top of player B's washer. You "cover" someone by pitching a "hammer".

Leaner - Washer hangs over the edge of the cup but not in it.

Match - A "match" consists of 2 or 3 "games". (i.e Best two out of three)

Pitch - The underhand motion you use to project the washer toward the opposite washer board or washer pit.

Washer Pits - The most common washer game "field". Consisting of either two 24" circles of dirt or two 3'x 5' boxed out areas filled with dirt with recessed cups in each pit. See the photo gallery.

Point - A pitch that scores one point.

Ringer - When a washer lands in the cup. Typically worth 5 points. It is worth 3 points when you are playing the Washer Box version of the game.

Round - After both players have pitched all of their washers, they have completed a "round".

Skunk - Player A leads by a score of 11-0. Player A wins with a "skunk".

Slider - A washer that slides into the cup as opposed to landing directly in the cup.

Washers - Game pieces used to play the game. 2.5" diameter with a 1" hole. Each player uses 3 or 4 depending on region. About 40% of the country uses 3 while the other 60% play with 4 washers.

Whitewash - Player A leads by 17-2. Player A wins the game on a "whitewash".

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