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Bombat pitching washers are a great product for the seasoned pro or the first timer. Whether you were taught by your grandfather or your frat brother, we've got the washer game for you
from Officially Licensed Collegiate washer games to our own classic designs.
We sell two versions of the washers game, "
Washer Pit Kits - the traditional version of washers with cups that go in the ground (similar to horseshoes) and "Washer Boards", the mobile version of the game used in tailgating or any place you can't ut a hole in the ground.
You can even design your own
custom washers! Take a look around and be sure to check back often because we are always adding new stuff.

All Bombat Washer games are proudly made in the USA. They are 2.5" round and are packaged 4 per set. Our washers are powdercoated for durability and are manufactured to have a consistent thickness and weight.