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Find the latest washer tournament listings here. Whether you have been playing washers for 20 years or 2 hours, participating in tournaments is a good way to get the competitive juices flowing and find out how you stack up against other washer players in your area.
We post washer tournaments from all across the country. You can submit your own tournament to be posted on our website if you are looking to add some players as well as print tournament brackets to keep your event organized.
We highly recommend that you contact the individual in charge if you have any questions regarding particular tournaments since we can't verify info on every tournament that we post.

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Bombat tries to verify all tournaments listed on our website however we cannot be held responsible for cancellations or rule changes that are different than the information provided to us by the tournament organizer. If you live in the area where a tournament is posted but aren't interested in playing in the tourney we recommend you check it out anyway, you may find that you are better than you think.

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